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J Trust Royal Bank holds a party for the 1st anniversary of operation (15th anniversary of bank opening)

Sep 9, 2020
J Trust Co., Ltd.


On August 28, 2020, J Trust Royal Bank (JTRB) held an anniversary staff party.

The opening speech of Myochin CEO was broadcasted on TV to each branch at the same time, and he talked about appreciation for the big work for about a year after the start of JTRB business and his encouragement in the future. This speech was made in Khmer and was very well received, evoking the sympathy of the local staff who gathered.

In addition, the party proceeded with great success, such as simultaneous cake cutting at each branch and a toast by all the employees. The management and staff felt a stronger sense of unity as JTRB.

In addition, the anniversary business for customers will continue till the end of September, and we plan to give momentum to JTRB's medium-term strategy development by giving away souvenirs.


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