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JTO Finance Holds Opening Event for Telemoyo Used Car Marketplace

May 21, 2019
J Trust Co., Ltd.


On Friday, May 3rd, J TRUST OLYMPINDO MULTI FINANCE (JTO Finance) held an opening event for a used car marketplace in Semarang in Central Java.

The Telemoyo Used Car Marketplace, located in Seramang in Central Java, will feature close to 20 used car dealers. JTO will handle all of the loans to respond to the needs of customers who purchase used cars.

“The opening of this used car marketplace will be a new opportunity for JTO Finance”, said Meilyana Bintoro, JTO’s Director of Finances. “I am deeply thankful for the support of those who were involved in this project, and have high hopes for the success of this collaborative business. Up until now we have built relationships with dealers one at a time, so this business which will allow us to work together with close to 20 dealers at once is hugely significant and a big opportunity for us.”

“At this used car marketplace, our company will offer the best in financing services. This will lead to profits for all of those involved, starting with our customers and dealers. In addition, I hope that this used car marketplace achieves success,” added JTO Finance’s Director of Car Finance Edie Sumajaya.

Edie continued: “Right now there are 19 dealers presented in this marketplace and we always have 150 cars on display. It’s located in an urban area of Seramang and is very close to a shopping mall. I think it’s the perfect spot for a new starting point. The activities from this used car marketplace will not only grow sales for the dealers who partner with us but also save customers the hassle of traveling long distances. And even when an irregular situation arises, we will be able to respond quickly. I hope that customers will be more willing to make purchases.”

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