Basic policy on corporate governance

Basic policy on corporate governanceBasic policy on corporate governance

The Company adheres to a code of ethics, set forth by the following five principles:

  • The Company shall acknowledge its social responsibility and public mission, conduct sound business operations as a listed company, ensure transparency in its business activities, and aim to grow into a trusted company.
  • Not only shall the Company comply with the letter of the law, it shall embrace the spirit in which it was written in its efforts to achieve a fair and more affluent society for future generations.
  • The Company shall respect the rights of all stakeholders, contribute to the growth and development of society and economy, and honor and respect the differences in cultures and customs.
  • When faced with a conflict of interest, the Company shall choose an ethical solution without fail and stand resolutely against any and all criminal elements.
  • When faced with a difficult ethical decision, the Company shall resolve to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved in the matter.

Under its corporate philosophy, “For our customers, shareholders and ourselves, we make continuous effort to respond quickly to changing environment and challenge ourselves diligently to create better future for the world,” the Company promotes:

  • Treat all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and business partners as our customers and take “customer oriented approach” to meet their expectations;
  • Tackle various issues “swiftly” while pursuing “ingenuity and improvements” without beingsatisfied with the status quo;
  • Ensure“accurate and timely information disclosure” as well as upholding “high ethical standards” for business execution; and
  • Create new services and value” to contribute to the economic expansion.

Furthermore, based on the code of ethics, the Company has established its Behavioral Principles, “J / T / R / U / S/ T” to practice Corporate Philosophy.

J Justice Conduct business with integrity
T Teamwork Respect individuals to form an organization
R Revolution Stimulate a spirit of innovation for new value
U Uniqueness Embrace ingenuity
S Safety Deliver services with sincerity
T Thankfulness Express our appreciation