Engaging with employees


The Group is committed to creating a workplace in which employees in many different positions can work enthusiastically and advance their careers.

Work-life balance

The Group has established childcare leave and caregiver leave, in addition to parental leave and a system of reduced working hours when raising a child. In June 2013, the Group`s company KeyHolder Inc. received a “Kurumin Mark “ certification (shown on the right) from the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare for meeting the standard for childrearing support.
Kurumin Mark

Creating a workplace where people can work enthusiastically

We have conducted human rights education such as anti-harassment seminars , established both an internal and external consultation service, signed contracts with Occupational Health Physicians, and organized a system in which we offer support for various certifications geared towards career advancement so that our employees can work enthusiastically, filled with ambition and healthy in both mind and body.