Engaging With Customers


The Group has launched a business improvement project, led by its president, and is committed to improving business and services. We take the requests, opinions and input of our customers seriously and are committed to improving our jobs and service.

Improving Service Quality

At the Group, we are committed to providing high quality service through improvements to customer support technology and financial knowledge under the business improvement project led by our president. At our sales locations and call centers where we interact with customers, we employ people with national and specialized certifications to build a system in which to provide customers with advice. Moreover, we aim to improve services by managing our business to reflect requests received during interactions with customers and input gathered through surveys.

Improving Information Security

The J Trust Group works hard on strengthening information security based on its “Information Security Policy”. At the Group, which handles a large volume of private information, we have obtained certifications from ISMS and Privacy Mark and are committed to improving the level of information security.
  • Certified by ISMS

    J Trust System

  • Certified by Privacy Mark

    Partir Servicer

Number of Employees With Specialized Certifications

As of March 31st, 2019
Chiefs of money lending operation 203
Real estate transaction specialist 52
Class-1 architect 1
Legal licenced condominium managers 2
Licensed residential condominium managers 4
Licensed Real estate auction dealer 10
Property Manager 1
LS asset managers 155
Administrative scrivener 3
SME management consultant 1
Class-1 Business skill test in bookkeeping by JCCI (the Japan chamber of commerce and industry) 1
Class-2 Business skill test in bookkeeping by JCCI (the Japan chamber of commerce and industry) 31
Class-1 Business skill test in bookkeeping by (JAAE) the Japan association of accounting education 1
Bank teller 92
VFP 48
CFA 14
Credit underwriter 41
Class-1 accounting control 20
Class-2 accounting control 139
Lawyer 2
Tax accountant 7
Certified public accountant 9
Former member of financial authorities 6
Former member of central banks 4
University professor 1
Credit management consultant 35
Certified credit analyst 13
Chiefs of money lending operation 22
Certified treasury manager 3
Certified International Auditor 1
Computerized tax accounting qualification 5
Computerized accounting qualification 29
Manager of Finance Obligation 3
Certified Fund Investment Advisor 138
【Southeast Asia】
Bank risk management 437
Bank compliance 5
Treasury Dealer 12
Internal Bank Audit 9
Lawyer 3