• CEO Message

    CEO Message

    A message from J Trust's Representative Director, President and CEO regarding CSR activities
  • Vision of CSR

    Vision of CSR
    Our Vision for CSR and Structure of the Group's CSR Activities

Structure of the J Trust Group`s CSR

  • csr report 2019
  • Editing Policy
    At the J Trust Group, our main objective is coexistence with society, which is achieved through the realization of our corporate philosophy and the pursuit of corporate governance, by facing our stakeholders earnestly and by conducting balanced business. Since 2016, we have published reports that summarize the efforts of our group. In this report, we have organized CSR information which is important to both the J Trust Group and its stakeholders in accordance with ISO26000.
    Objective and Time Frame of Report
    In principle, this report focuses on activities concerning three aspects—economics, society, and the environment—of the consolidated fiscal year ended March 2019 (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019).
    Target Organizations
    The focus of this report is on the J Trust Group (J Trust Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries). Furthermore, the name “J Trust Group” featured in this text refers to the complete J Trust Group, whereas “J Trust” refers solely to J Trust Co., Ltd.