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J Trust Group's Corporate Philosophy

For our customers, shareholders and ourselves, we make continuous effort to respond quickly to changing environments and challenge ourselves diligently to create a better future for the world.

Our focus
・Treat all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and business partners as our customers and take customer oriented approach to meet their expectations.
・Tackle various issues swiftly while pursuing ingenuity and improvements without being satisfied with the status quo.
・Ensure accurate and timely information disclosure while upholding high ethical standards for business execution.
・Create new services and value to contribute to economic expansion.

J Trust Group’s Behavioral Principles

J Trust’s behavioral principles are represented by six alphabets that comprise its corporate name : J for justice, T for teamwork, R for revolution, U for Uniqueness, S for safety and T for Thankfulness. In order to respond to our stakeholders’ various needs and ease their concerns, we aim to be fair, innovative, unique and show appreciation to others in our actions. Through these efforts, we believe we will be able to support customers' prosperous lives and bright future and revitalize the world.

J Justice Conduct business with integrity
T Teamwork Respect individuals to form an organization
R Revolution Stimulate a spirit of innovation for new value
U Uniqueness Embrace ingenuity
S Safety Deliver services with sincerity
T Thankfulness Express gratitude

Behavioral Principles


Using the corporate name change on July 1st, 2009 as an opportunity to further strengthen our corporate brand, we redesigned our corporate logo and symbol.

Brand Logo
This brand logo represents our belief that "Credibility" and "Reliability" are indispensable for receiving support from customers and stakeholders.
Aiming to become Japan's leading company through credibility and reliability, we spell out our corporate brand simply as "J T R U S T"
This logo represents "J Trust which was reborn in the midst of turbulent times, yet is powerfully moving forward."
Raging waves that stand for turbulence, and strength to survive through such hardships are represented in the sphere. The sphere is round with no ends, allowing for justice, comfort, and flexibility. Therefore, innovation and independence are also represented in this logo.

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