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Aim to pursue “high growth” and “profitability” through challenges for further growth.

J Trust Group is a comprehensive financial service provider with abundant expertise and know-how in financial business in South Korea, financial business in Southeast Asia, domestic financial business and non-financial business.

[ J Trust Group ]

Holding Company

J Trust, as a holding company, determines group policies and supports domestic/ overseas businesses.

Financial Business in Japan

We offer financial services mainly centering on credit guarantee service in partnership with banks and other financial institutions.

Financial Business in South Korea and Mongolia

We are focusing on financial service mainly commercial banking in South Korea, and installment loan in Mongolia.

Financial Business in Southeast Asia

In Indonesia, which boasts the largest population in Southeast Asia, we conduct financial business focused on banking.

Investment Business

We will identify investment targets in fast-growing ASEAN for high investment returns.

Non-Financial Business (General entertainment)

KeyHolder serves as the center of our general entertainment business.

Non-Financial Business (Other)

We conduct business in real estate and IT systems.