Message to Investors

“To be a company that can meet the expectations of our stakeholders without forgetting the challenging spirit”

Managing Director, Executive Officer and General Manager of Finance Department
ATSUTA Ryuichi

We sincerely appreciate your continued support.
In terms of consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending December 2019, even though a loss was recorded in the reconstructing Southeast Asian financial business, stable earnings were recorded in the Japanese financial business and the Korean financial business, and ANZ Royal Bank in Cambodia (currently: J Trust Royal Bank) also contributed to the profitability. Consequently, we could return to profitability on an operating profit basis.
Additionally, from the previous fiscal year, the fiscal year end was unified with the fiscal year end of overseas subsidiaries to settle the fiscal year end in December. We are working to disclose management information in a timely and appropriate manner.

In the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020, the outlook for the global economy is currently uncertain due to concerns over a global economic slowdown as a result of the spread of the new coronavirus. As of the first quarter, our Group had no major impact on earnings, but we will continue to pay close attention to the impact on the earnings performance that accompanies the deterioration of the real economy. Under these circumstances, the Japanese financial business is striving to secure stable guarantee income by diversifying guarantee products. In the financial business in South Korea and Mongolia, we are focusing on accumulating high-quality assets and striving to control bad debt expenses. On the other hand, in Southeast Asia's financial business, which is currently undergoing business reorganization, we are steadily continuing reforms aimed at reconstructing in Indonesia.

In such a situation, we strongly hope that all executives and employees will not forget the spirit of "always taking on challenges" and have a strong sense of responsibility and passion to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
Continued support and guidance from our shareholders is deeply appreciated.

June 2020