Management Strategy & Policy

Management Strategy & PolicyManagement Strategy & Policy

J Trust aims to achieve sustainable growth with our group vision "to provide unique financial services not constrained by existing paradigms".

In order to achieve sustainable business expansion, J Trust will advance M&A, purchase of receivables in a proactive manner and enhance the business foundation so that it can continue to generate stable profit while maintaining the growth momentum of the first stage.
In Japan, we will strengthen the credit guarantee and servicer businesses. Overseas, we will expand retail finance in Asian countries by promoting banking, financing and purchasing and collecting receivables.
J Trust will tackle further enhancement of the business foundation to reinforce synergy with financial businesses and expand into other segments that yield combined effects under our group vision "to provide unique financial services not constrained by existing paradigms".

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Management Policy

J Trust Group aims to execute its management strategy based on following three management policies, "enhancement of business foundation", "restructuring of existing business" and "search for new business".

1.Enhancement of Business Foundation

<Enhance business foundation through M & A and purchase of receivables>

J Trust has made progress in establishing and enhancing business foundation through aggressive M&As and purchase of receivables. To achieve further enhancement of our business foundation, J Trust will continue to purchase receivables, reinforce credit guarantee businesses with financial institutions in Japan and accumulate assets through three business segments comprising banking, financing, and purchasing and collecting receivables in overseas markets.

2.Restructuring of Existing Business

<Promote innovation by accelerating marketing effort in existing business>

In the credit guarantee business, J Trust has focused on increasing the balance of consumer loan receivables. Going forward, we will launch new guarantee services not only in Japan but also in overseas markets with the aim of further increasing the amount of credit guarantee through diversifying product lineups and expanding partnered financial institutions. In addition, we will pursue highly efficient business operations through reorganization and consolidation of businesses within the group.

3.Search for New Business

<Aim at further growth through entry into overseas market and development of new businesses>

J Trust is breaking into Asian markets starting with the entry in South Korea in 2011, Singapore in 2013, Indonesia in 2014, and Mongolia in 2018. J Trust will continue to grow with flexible thinking and swift decision making of management while aiming to develop new business where synergy effects can be expected with financial services.