Message to Investors

Message to InvestorsMessage to Investors

Towards the establishment of business foundation to generate stable profit

Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
in charge of financial business in Indonesia and non-banking business in Southeast Asia

Nobuiku Chiba

I would like to thank you for your kind support.

The operating profit in the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 increased by 288% to 2.3 billion yen year on year due to steady performance in the three main financial businesses as follows:(i) profit has been stably posted in the domestic financial business; (ii) higher profits than the previous year were generated in the financial businesses in both South Korea and Southeast Asia; and (iii) profit was realized for the full year in Indonesia; although investment-related loss reduced profit in the investment business.

We have focused on our real estate-related credit guarantee business and the amount of credit guarantee has successfully increased through provision of guarantee on overseas real estate and expansion of alliance financial institutions in Japan. We also have established a business model that consists of three kinds of businesses: banking, nonbanks, and purchase and collection of receivables as well as succeeded to revive a failed bank in South Korea on which the Company embarked in 2011. Additionally, we established operational bases through reviving a failed bank, setting up a business for purchase and collection of receivables, and conducting a financing company’s M&A in Indonesia in which we have had a presence since 2014.
We have consistently built our foundation for sustainable growth, targeting Asian markets with expanding our business in Mongolia and announced the acquiition of shares in a bank in Cambodia in 2018.
We would like to expand our specialty, retail financing business in Asian markets where further growth is expected to continue hereafter.

Aiming for further development of the J Trust Group, we are willing to take on new challenges. I believe all of us including directors and employees strive to work together as one toward the achievement of this goal with our shareholders.

Your continued support would be highly appreciated.

July 2018