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JTO Finance Celebrates 500th Sale of Loan for Agricultural Equipment

Sep 3, 2019
J Trust Co., Ltd.


PT JTrust Olympindo Multi Finance (JTO Finance) celebrated their achievement and contribution in agricultural equipment and machinery financing. This occasion was celebrated at a Customer Gathering event held by PT Bina Pertiwi as Official Dealer of Kubota at PT Bina Pertiwi Tebing Tinggi Branch Office, Medan-Tebing Tinggi Km 9 Avenue, Dusun 15, Suka Damai, Sei Bamban, on Wednesday (28/8/19).

This event was a celebration held by JTO Finance for achieving the 500th unit financing since their first step of expanding their wings in agricultural equipment and machinery financing in August 2018. President Director of JTO Finance Kazuyuki Matsuoka on his speech said, “We hope, with this achievement, we will continue to provide the best contribution to this country and are committed to provide the best innovation and service to the society.” In addition, JTO Finance also presents a special promo aimed at applicants whom the credit application has been approved in the August-September 2019 period. The debtors have an opportunity to get a discount voucher worth IDR 500,000 which can be used to purchase spare parts for agricultural equipment and machinery at all dealers in cooperation with JTO Finance. “We present this offer to our customers and prospective customers, we hope they will be more interested in financing and enjoy the excitement with us.” JTO Finance Deputy Director of Business Andris Fajar Bachtiar added.

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