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Three J Trust Group`s Indonesian Companies J Band Together to Host CSR Activity

Aug 27, 2019
J Trust Co., Ltd.


On Saturday, August 24th, three of the J Trust Group’s Indonesian companies (Bank JTrust Indonesia, JTRUST OLYMPINDO MULTI FINANCE and JTRUST INVESTMENTS INDONESIA) held a sports day together with 75 orphans and other impoverished children from the area at a JTO training center in Cianjur Regency in Indonesia’s West Java province.

The event, titled “SHARING HAPPINESS”, was an effort made to share happiness with impoverished children. At the CSR event, where the three Indonesian Group companies banded together for the first time, 168 executives and employees had a terrific time participating in activities like tug-of-war and ball toss games with the children. After the event was finished, executives and employees presented the children with commemorative gifts.



The three Indonesian Group companies will continue to actively engage in CSR activities.


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