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J Trust Completes Acquisition of Shares of ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd. (Continuous Disclosure)

Aug 19, 2019
J Trust Co., Ltd.



As disclosed in the previous releases “Acquisition of Shares of ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd.” issued on May 17, 2018 and “Acquisition of Shares of ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd. (Continuous Disclosure)” on May 17, 2019, J Trust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) resolved to acquire 55.0% of issued common shares of ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd. (headquartered in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia) from ANZ Funds Pty Ltd. We hereby announce that the said acquisition has completed. As a result of the acquisition, ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd. has become a consolidated subsidiary and a specified subsidiary of the Company, and has been renamed as J Trust Royal Bank Ltd. (hereinafter, “JTRB”).

1.Purpose of Share Acquisition

J Trust Group (hereinafter, the “Group”) aims to expand its business activities, mainly across Southeast Asia, as part of its overall growth strategy, as it focuses on M&As of banks and finance companies. The Company is confident that its expertise in retail finance in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia can greatly contribute to further growth of JTRB’s business. Royal Group Finance Co., Ltd., a local shareholder of JTRB with 45% ownership and a member of the renowned Royal Group, is the home of premier investment and development in Cambodia. The Royal Group is recognized as the Kingdom’s most dynamic and diversified conglomerate conducting businesses in telecommunication, transport, energy, media & entertainment, banking & financing, insurance, hotels & resorts, education, property development, trading and agriculture. Royal Group Finance is focused on bringing quality investment to Cambodia and providing investors with the platform to run successful and profitable operations. With synergy expected from the Royal Group’s robust expertise and vast experience, the J Trust Group sees promising future opportunities in the Kingdom. JTRB operates in two segments: International & Institutional Banking and Retail Banking. JTRB is well-reputed in Cambodia owing to its high-quality customer service and a suite of reliable financial products. JTRB currently focuses on lower-risk markets and targets the largest 1% companies and the wealthiest 5% of the population in Cambodia. The acquisition enables the Company to seek new business opportunities through JTRB. While placing importance on the current corporate and retail financial businesses, JTRB will consider possibilities in more substantial and higher-growth segments. The Company will aim for further business expansion by leveraging JTRB’s diverse multinational client base combined with the Group’s distinctive debt collection expertise, new product development capabilities and strong network and relationship with large Japanese corporates. Going forward, JTRB is intended to serve as a platform for further expansion across the Mekong Region markets such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

The Company will help grow JTRB’s business and contribute to Cambodia’s financial industry and economic growth by leveraging various resources it possesses.

2.Overview of J Trust Royal Bank Ltd. (As of December 31, 2018)
(1) Company name ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd.
(2) Address Phnom Penh, the Kingdom of Cambodia
(3) Representative Chief Executive Officer Toru Myochin (To be appointed in due course*2)
(4) Business Commercial Bank
(5) Capital 75 million USD (About 8,148 million JPY)*1
(6) Business commencement month September 2005
(7) Principal shareholders and ownership ratio ANZ Funds Pty Ltd. 55.0%
Royal Group Finance Co., Ltd. 45.0%
(8) Relationships between J Trust Co., Ltd. and J Trust Royal Bank Ltd. Capital relationships There are no capital relationships to be stated.
Personal relationships There are no interpersonal relationships to be stated.
Business relationships There are no business relationships to be stated.
Related party relationships There are no related party relationships to be stated
(9) Operating results and financial position of J Trust Royal Bank Ltd.*1(in million JPY)
Dec. 2016 Dec. 2017 Dec. 2018
Net Assets 17,958 20,354 22,768
Total Assets 113,025 111,227 102,520
Operating Revenue 5,154 5,154 5,387
Pretax Profit 2,882 3,281 2,874
Net Income 2,285 2,386 2,414

*1 USD = 108.64 JPY (as of July 31, 2019) *2 CEO appointment requires the National Bank of Cambodia’s approval, which is expected to come through in about one (1) month from the closing date.


An impact on the Company’s consolidated financial results is currently under review. If any matters that should be disclosed arise, the Company will announce them promptly.


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