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J Trust Gives Presentation at Internationalization Seminar sponsored by Sabae Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jul 24, 2019
J Trust Co., Ltd.


On July 22nd, J Trust gave a presentation at the 2019 Internationalization Seminar which took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture.  

This seminar was sponsored by the Sabae Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Internationalization Committee and Hokuriku Bank and was attended by approximately thirty people, many of whom are the owners or presidents of local companies. The first part of the seminar was a lecture given by Mr. Uehara, head of Hokuriku Bank’s Singapore office, concerning recent trends across the ASEAN region. In the second part, Mr. Sawatari from J Trust’s Finance Department gave a slide presentation entitled “An Invitation to Indonesia: Reaping the Benefits of Indonesia’s Development” in which he explained topics such as the characteristics of the Indonesian market, things to keep in mind when expanding business into Indonesia and some advantages of conducting business there. During the Q&A Session, attendees demonstrated their strong interest by asking questions enthusiastically. J Trust will continue to provide valuable solutions for when Japanese companies expand their business into Southeast Asia. Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture is called the “Holy Land of Glasses” since it produces 96% of the country’s domestically-manufactured eyeglass frames.

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