Social Media Policy

Background to the Establishment of Social Media Policy

Social media has become more and more prevalent in recent years. In the J Trust Group (below, “the Group”) also, the usage of social media has become widespread by corporate activity and personal activities of the Group’s executives and employees.
In social media, wrong behaviors of executives and employees can develop into large problems. Also, further increase is expected in the number of executives and employees who transmit information across social media. For these reasons, the Company established “Social Media Policy” with intent to promote consistent transmission of information by executives and employees of the Group.


For the purpose of promoting sound development of the Group by utilizing social media, and preventing inappropriate use of social media such as libel and harmful rumors that could adversely impact the Group’s executives and employees, social media policy and social media guidelines have been established.

Basic Policy

  • One shall keep in mind the protection of privacy when using social media.
  • One shall remain disciplined and comply with legal regulations and various in-house regulations.
  • One shall not transmit false statement or information that encourages crimes, anti-social and illicit behaviors.
  • One shall not transmit fake information, defamatory statement, etc. that damages reputation of an individual.
  • One shall be careful when handling topics that are subject to one’s values, such as ethnicity, religion, and morality, or criticism on specific individual such as public figure.
  • One shall always pay respect to another person and keep one’s mind open for good communication.
  • One shall not believe every word on the internet, and truth must be ascertained for appropriate course of action.
  • One shall report to, and receive instruction from one’s direct supervisor or Public Relations Department in the case where significant statements, claims, or contents pertaining to the Group that could develop into troubles were found. And one shall never arbitrarily make judgments or take actions.
  • These rules shall be shared with one’s family, etc. to contribute toward a more positive society through social media.

To All Social Media Users

  • The information transmitted by the Group’s executives and employees through social media does not necessarily represent the Group’s official announcement or point of view, even if such information was inserted from the Group’s official account. Official announcements are disclosed on the Group’s official website, news release, etc.
  • Please understand that the information transmitted through social media is based on sources available at the point of transmission. Therefore, such information is subject to change.
  • Please refer to Policy on Protection of Personal Information for the Company’s policy on the protection of personal information.