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Financial Business in JapanFinancial Business in Japan

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Business InformationAchieving stable business growth centered around three types of business.

Financial Business in Japan consists of three businesses : ① Guarantees for products financed by financial institutions ② Collections of accounts receivable and ③ Installment credit business.
Since 2008 we have actively been advancing M&A, thereby combining considerable amounts of human resources and expertise. As a result, the scope of our product development and breadth of knowledge about receivables management have expanded, allowing us to answer to a wide variety of financial needs. Currently the main pillars of Financial Business in Japan are Nihon Hoshou, which performs credit guarantees, Partir Servicer, which collects receivables, and J Trust Card, which operates an installment credit business.

Business StrategyAiming to expand guarantee business by providing new opportunities to financial institutions that struggle to secure opportunities for profit due to continued ultra-low interest rates.

As it becomes more difficult to secure a spread due to the continuation of super-low interest rates, consumer loans and condominium loans which had been growing continually have peaked out and the business environment for banking is becoming increasingly worse. Under these circumstances, we plan to expand our guarantee business and diversify services by providing banks with new business opportunities. We are currently expanding the scope of our business through partnerships in which we guarantee yen-denominated loans when customers purchase a property in U.S. states such as Hawaii, Texas, Nevada or California in addition to partnering with real estate companies affiliated with electric railways and with regional banks and executing guarantees for reverse mortgage loans. Going forward, we will continue to diversify our services. As for receivables collection business, we are purchasing receivables from banks and nonbanks which do not have a servicer subsidiary. Through M&A, and by combining considerable amounts of personnel and knowledge, we have become capable of answering to a wide variety of financial needs! Our credit guarantees are not limited to Japan, and the range of our overseas mortgage guarantees which we began in the U.S. is also continually expanding, so be on the lookout for future developments.

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Financial Business in South Korea and MongoliaFinancial Business in South Korea and Mongolia

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Business InformationIn South Korea, managing a three-tiered business model of bank, nonbank and servicer business. In Mongolia, providing loans for used automobiles.

In South Korea, the J Trust Group provides financial services through three configurations.
These three configurations are our savings banks, which execute personal and business loans, a nonbank for housing and automobile loans, and a servicer company which collects accounts receivables. The group consists of our savings banks, JT Chinae Savings Bank and JT Saving Bank, our nonbank JT Capital, and a servicer company called TA Asset Management.

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Landlocked between Russia to the north and China to the South, Mongolia is mostly known for its resource mining industry, its nomadic people, and its vast landscapes.
At the J Trust Group, J Trust Credit NBFI offers speedy loans, primarily automobile loans, to Mongolian customers at reasonable interest rates. Mongolia's financial history is brief, beginning in the 90's when the country transitioned from a socialist economy to a market-based economy and commercial banks were established. Around the year 2000, life and non-life insurance companies as well as non-bank financial institutions (NBFI) dealing in small loans were established, so further development is expected in this country.

Business StrategyDeveloping business ahead of the curve by utilizing knowledge cultivated in Japan amid enhanced regulations in South Korea.

In South Korea, regulations on personal loans are continually being enhanced. We are developing a business strategy to stay one step ahead of the changes by looking to the prior regulatory enhancements in Japan as a point of reference. In addition to owning the patent for a smartphone app that allows customers to open a bank account or make transactions without having to visit a store location, we are also upgrading services through Information Technology by introducing a chatbot at our savings banks. We are not only striving for upgraded services but also for efficiency of management by, for instance, reducing the number of branch locations.
As part of the regulatory enhancements, the loan loss coverage ratio for unsecured consumer loans with interest rates over 20% is being raised and the burden of non-cash accounting profit on financial institutions is increasing. Cases of loan assets being sold in the market are expected to increase in the future, so we are making preparations to ensure that we do not pass up an opportunity to expand our receivables collection business. Also, in Mongolia we are currently offering speedy finance services with reasonable interest rates mainly for automobile loans, but plan to expand even further into retail finance. The speed of Korea`s IT development is amazing, isn`t it?
Business development which is well-balanced both in terms of customer service and management leads to growth for the business.
The new business develop in Mongolia is a chance for the J Trust Group to show what they`ve learned up until now! Our activities in Mongolia are another thing to be on the lookout for.

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Financial Business in Southeast AsiaFinancial Business in Southeast Asia

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Business InformationNow that a finance company has joined our group following a commercial bank and a servicer company, three-tiered business development is possible.

Indonesia is comprised of over 13,000 islands big and small and is home to 260 million people. The J Trust Group operates three financial businesses based in the capital city of Jakarta, which has a population of more than 10 million. J Trust Bank performs commercial banking activities. At J Trust Investments Indonesia, we conduct servicer business for receivables ceded by J Trust Bank and at JTRUST OLYMPINDO MULTI FINANCE, we conduct financing business such as loans for used automobiles and farm equipment.

Business StrategyExpanding business with a focus on retail finance.

Financial Business in Southeast Asia is currently based in Indonesia, where it is literally taking shape as a three-tiered operation. While working to rebuild a nationalized bank that we had purchased, we processed all non-performing loans in FY03/2019 so that we would not have to deal with their bitter legacy from the FY12/2019 and established a framework to aim for growth. Our group will expand financing through customers using automobile loans and farm equipment loans orginated by JTRUST OLYMPINDO with a central focus on our specialty of retail finance. J Trust Bank will bear the cost of funds in the form of syndicate loans, mainly for this type of retail loan. Non-performing loans will be dealt with collectively at our servicer company, J Trust Investments Indonesia. At the nonbank, we will actively increase customers and reduce funding costs while the bank cuts back on managing expenses. As Indonesia's population continues to increase, it seems like a big opportunity for retail finance in a business field where major financial institutions are still scarce. It seems like business expansion in Indonesia is being spurred on even more by our comprehensive, three-tiered financial business made up of banking, servicers and finance.
Our subway ads, which feature J Trust Bank's characters that really stands out.
People might go to our bank hoping to meet these cute characters.

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Investment BusinessInvestment Business

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Business InformationActively investing in business that can maximize synergy, with focus on Asia.

There is a country so small that you might not spot it on a map. Situated at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore--known as the "Hub of Southeast Asia"--serves as the base for J Trust`s investment business.
In recent years, the Group has been investing in businesses that show promise of synergy, while making investments in places such as the ASEAN region.

Business StrategyAiming for expansion of our business foundation and focusing on M&A and establishment of new companies.

In 2013 we established J Trust Asia in Singapore, in anticipation of investments in financial businesses in the ASEA region which is said to have a population of 650 million people. Singapore is referred to as Asia's hub, located in an area with easy access to the ASEAN region in 1 to 2 hours. In addition, it also has the advantage of being a place where talented people from China, Europe, America, India and the Middle East gather to bounce around all sorts of ideas. We will continue to make invesments while taking advantage of locations like Singapore. By setting up a base in the so-called "Hub of Southeast Asia", our Group will be exposed to many kinds of information and ideas from the ASEAN region!
This base is key to the J Trust Group's business expansion, so we will continue to watch it closely.

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Non-Financial Business

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Business InformationDeveloping three businesses with focus on Japan and actively developing in many fields.

Our non-financial business centered in Japan consists of ① Real estate, ② General entertainment and ③ IT systems.
In real estate, we are working to handle many needs, not only for stand-alone houses but also for design and construction of custom houses and renovations of old ones.
KeyHolder, which develops General Entertainment Business, brings to the Group companies that conduct advertising business, live entertainment business, and video production business. It represents one aspect of the company which transmits pop culture.
In our IT system business, we operate and manage the developmnt of systems within the Group and computers.

Business StrategySelling ADORES, Inc. and moving on to new general entertainment business.

We are shifting to new general entertainment business through the Key Holder Group's proactive M&A and quick restructuring.
While we sold all shares of ADORES, Inc., we opened and began managing a music & event space located in the Shinjuku Alta shopping mall. In addition, we plan to buy, sell, and establish companies that plan and develop TV programs and contents to expand our operations as a new source of income.
In Real Estate Business, we build and sell built-for-sale homes as well as design and construct commercial buildings. We are working on intensifying sales of the properties we handle by strengthening our sales abilities through concentration of human resources while consolidating sales locations. I see, so the KeyHolder Group is a corporate group for a variety of entertainment, such as film and TV program production.
Surprisingly, SKE48, which-- as everyone knows --performs all over the country and is based in Nagoya, is also a member of the Group.

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An Introduction to Our Group Companies

An Introduction to Our Group Companies