An Introduction to J TRUST What is "J TRUST"?

J TRUST is a group that strives
"to provide unique financial services
not constrained by existing paradigms".

J TRUST was founded in 1977 in Japan, but currently we are concentrating our efforts on banking services, credit guarantees and collections of accounts receivable with a focus on financial business not only in Japan but also in Korea, Singapore and Indonesia.
We took the evaluation skills, collection skills and marketing skills we cultivated in Japan to Korea where, in addition to rebuilding savings banks, we established a business foundation to provide comprehensive financial services comprised of banking, debt collection, leases and installed payments. Furthermore, in Indonesia we are aiming to build a three-pronged business base together with servicer and financing companies while at the same time working on restructuring commercial banks by utilizing our experience of bank restructuring in Korea.
In March 2018 (the previous period) we sold ADORES, Inc., a non-core business. At the same time, we announced the acquisitions of Indonesian finance company OLYMPINDO MULTI FINANCE in April 2018 and Cambodian commercial bank ANZ Royal Bank in May of the same year. Also in May, we acquired Capital Continent Investment, which is expanding financial business in Mongolia. By conducting these activities, we have been developing our focus and selection of management resources while striving to be a company that "provides unique financial services not constrained by existing paradigms".

5 Core Businesses