Remuneration of Executives, etc.

Remuneration of Executives, etc.Remuneration of Executives, etc.

①. Policy to determine amount of executive compensation and calculation method

The Company does not have a policy to determine the amount or calculation method of executive compensation.

②.Total amount of compensation by executive category and by type of compensation as well as number of executives

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Classification of executives Total amount of remuneration, etc.
(Millions of yen)
Total amount of remuneration, etc., by category
(Millions of yen)
Number of corresponding executives
Bonus Retirement
benefi ts
(excluding outside directors)
246 246 - - - 11
Audit & Supervisory Board Members
(excluding outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members)
20 20 - - - 2
Outside executives 48 48 - - - 6
Total 315 315 - - - 19

Note 1: Amount of directors' compensation does not include salary for those who concurrently serve as employees.

Note 2: Amount of compensation includes compensation for one director who left the position on September 20th, 2018.

③.Total amount of consolidated compensation per executive

Not applicable.

④.Important matters concerning compensation for executives who concurrently serve as employees

Not applicable.