Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Basic Policy on Information DisclosureBasic Policy on Information Disclosure

IR Policy

J Trust Co., Ltd. ("the Company") acknowledges the importance of IR activities for investors and shareholders. Therefore, timeliness, fairness, validity, and consistency are important factors to be taken into account in disclosing information pertaining to corporate information that includes management strategy, financial strategy, and etc. Moreover, in order to meet the expectations of every stakeholder, the Company aims to be trusted and justly evaluated by further developing the Company's governance systems.

Information Disclosure

The Company endeavors to make fair disclosure of information in objective and fair manner. For material corporate information, prompt disclosure shall be made as per the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and rules on timely disclosure provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Even information that does not apply to guidelines pertaining to relevant laws and timely disclosure shall be disclosed on "Investor Relation" section of the Company's website.

Quiet Period

In order to avoid leakage of and secure fairness of financial information, the Company has filed its Quiet Period between day after account settlement date and announcement date for financial results, during which the Company shall not provide comments or answers in response to questions regarding financial matters of relevant period.
However, if any matter arises for timely disclosure, such information will be disclosed as per the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Stock Price

Stock Price is determined by trading in the Market. Therefore, the Company shall not make any comments on this matter.


Financial forecasts are made by the Company based on the information available on the day of announcement thus, the Company shall not guarantee the validity of such information. Please understand that, due to changes in various factors, forecasts may deviate from actual results. Also, they are not meant to solicit investment in securities issued by the Company. Please make decision on investment based on your own judgment.