Corporate Structure for Effective Communication with Shareholder

In corporate governance code, the listed company must treat that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a place to interact with shareholders constructively, and it is important to keep an appropriate environment to do the exercise of rights at AGM. In addition, considering the constructive dialogue with shareholders and the precise information provision for such reasons, the schedule related to AGM including the date of AGM should be set appropriately. Constructive dialogue with shareholders should be done even outside the AGM.
Managements and executive directors (including outside directors) should listen to shareholders opinion and pay attention to their interests and concerns by explaining the management policy to shareholders clearly. We think that we should make efforts to respond appropriately based on the understanding of the position of stakeholders including shareholders.
J Trust has established a PR and IR division within the Corporate Planning Department to ensure a system that can fully respond to inquiries from shareholders.
In order to promote communication with shareholders, we hold earnings presentations twice a year, in principle. Briefing sessions for individual investors and some one on one meetings with institutional investors and analysts are implemented appropriately.