Engaging with social welfare

The J Trust Group continues to conduct activities supporting the realization of normalization and supporting the socially vulnerable such as single mothers, orphans, and elderly people living alone.

Ramadan fast-breaking feast with orphans (Indonesia)

Bank JTrust Indonesia (BJI) has continued its activities to support orphanages.
On May 24, 2019, BJI made donations to the Al-Fajr Foundation and held a Ramadan fast-breaking feast (“Iftar”) for the fifth time. Fifty orphans participated in the event, in which they played various games. A workshop on financial instruments was also held.
A “fast-breaking feast”

Spring Sports Day with local children (South Korea)

The J Trust Group`s four South Korean companies (JT Chinae Savings Bank, JT Savings Bank, JT Capital, and TA Asset Management) donate to the local General Social Welfare Center and hold Sports Days for children. The sixth Spots Day was held on May 11, 2019 in a suburb of Seoul. 110 local children together with 240 executives and employees of the J Trust Group participated and enjoyed various events.
Spring Sports Day

Donation of sales from LINE character stamps (Japan/South Korea)

The J Trust Group`s four South Korean companies donated all sales from LINE character stamps to charity. In 2019, donations were made in Japan to Japan Rescue, an NPO which fosters and dispatches search and rescue dogs, while in South Korea donations were made to promote the “Animal Assisted Therapy Program” conducted by Seoul`s Animal Therapy Association. This program, which is geared toward elementary school students with hearing impairments, aims to foster communication skills with friends by conducting various kinds of therapy through pets such as dogs.
CSR activities through animal therapy

Support for normalization (Japan)

J Trust supports activities of the Japan Blind Marathon Association (JBMA).
J Trust is engaged in putting normalization into practice through activities such as popularizing blind marathons, training escort runners, and strengthening athletes.
“JBMA” activities