Engaging with social welfare


The J Trust Group offers assistance to achieve normalization and continually conducts activities to support socially-disadvantaged individuals such as single mothers, orphans, the homeless, and elderly people living alone.

Support for single mothers (Korea)

At JT Capital, we continually conduct supportive activities for single mothers based on the idea that “family is the basis of a healthy local community". In June 2018, a group of fifty-six single mothers and their children toured the Korean Folk Village for “Happy Cultural Experience Day”. They enjoyed traditional culture while watching equestrian martial arts demonstrations and making pottery.
Happy Cultural Experience Day

"Happy Cultural Experience Day"

Support for local elders (Korea)

In September 2017, J Trust executives and staff members visited a soup kitchen activity center in Seoul, where they held a soup kitchen volunteer activity geared towards elderly people living alone and the homeless. In addition, in October of the same year, the executives visited a social welfare center in Seoul where they participated in lunch-making volunteer activities.
Soup kitchen volunteer activity

"Soup kitchen volunteer activity"

Holding a Spring Sports Festival with local children (Korea)

Four of the Group`s Korean companies (JT Chinae Savings Bank, JT Savings Bank, JT Capital and TA Asset) continuously sponsor sports festivals with local children. This year`s festival, which marked the fifth occurrence, was held in June of 2018 at the sports field of the Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute. One-hundred and thirty local children and three hundred J Trust executives and staff members split up into teams and enjoyed various competitions while cooperating with each other.
Spring Sports Festival with local children

"Spring Sports Festival with local children"

Holding a fast-breaking feast with local children (Indonesia)

J Trust Bank Indonesia (BJI) is continuing CSR activities, starting with donations to centers for child protection. In January 2018, the company made a donation to the Panti Bhakti Luhur Center for Child Protection. In May, it also made a donation to the Al-Fajr Foundation, while sponsoring a fast-breaking feast with orphaned children.
Fast-breaking feast

"Fast-breaking feast"