Engaging With Shareholders and Investors


The J Trust Group considers reasonable returns on investments for shareholders to be one of its most important business measures. The company`s objective is to work towards continuous and stable returns while taking into consideration both the future business environment and industry trends.

Communication with shareholders and investors

The J Trust Group is currently supported by more than 15,000 investors (as of late March 2018). In addition to continually holding result meetings for institutional investors, the Group broadcasts the briefing sessions as well as general shareholders meetings online and sends out information related to investor relations.
A result meeting

A result meeting

Improving website usability

On our company website, we work to improve usability by developing multilingual capabilities for Japanese, English & Korean and a version of the website accessible by smartphone.
Smartphone display
(Responsive Web Design)
Smartphone display(Responsive Web Design)
Multilingual capabilities
Text to Speech Function and multilingual capabilities
A page showing how to use the website
and its various functions
A page showing how to use the website and its various functions