Engaging With Shareholders and Investors

The J Trust Group believes that an appropriate return of profits to shareholders is one of our most important management issues, and our basic policy is to continue stable return of profits while considering the overall future management environment and industry trends.

Communication with shareholders and investors

The J Trust Group is supported by more than 16,000 shareholders (as of March 31, 2019). We hold earnings presentations for institutional investors on a continuous basis, and make these briefings as well as shareholders` meetings available as an on-demand streaming video service via the Internet. We also offer an e-mail service for distributing IR-related information.

Earnings presentation
Earnings presentation

Enhanced website usability

We strive to enhance the usability of our website with features including a screen reader function for users with visual impairments, English- and Korean-language pages, and a version of the site accessible by smartphone.

Smartphone display
(Responsive Web design)
Screen reader function and
multi-language capabilities
A page showing how to use
the website and its various functions