Engaging with local communities

The J Trust Group contributes to vitalizing communities and nurturing youth through sports and exchanges in local communities.

Deepening friendships with communities through Japanese culture (Indonesia)

BJI has participated in ENNICHISAI, one of the world`s biggest Japanese festivals which is held in Jakarta, four years in a row as a sponsor. At the ENNICHISAI held on June 22 and June 23, 2019, BJI together with JTRUST OLYMPINDO MULTI FINANCE hosted an exhibition at a joint booth, welcomed Ms. Yuki Kato, an Indonesian-Japanese actress who serves as an ambassador for the J Trust Group, to a talk event and deepened communications with visitors through events such as mini games.
“ENNICHISAI” festival

Japanese-made surgical masks distributed at hospitals in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Mongolia uses coal to generate electricity and heat, so air pollution due to smoke is becoming a social issue. Employees from J Trust Credit NBFI, which develops automobile loan business in Mongolia, visited four hospitals within Ulaanbaatar and distributed Japanese-made surgical masks to people visiting or staying in the hospitals with the support of the hospital staff.
Distributing masks

Issuance of CSR private placement bond (Japan)

On March 25, 2019, J TRUST Card issued a corporate social responsibility (CSR) private placement bond called “With”, underwritten by Miyazaki Bank, Ltd. and raised 300 million yen. CSR private placement bonds are bonds issued in recognition of an enterprise`s financial soundness and CSR activities. J TRUST Card donated 0.2% of the issued amount of the CSR private placement bond to the non-profit organization “Miyazaki Children Culture Center”
Presenting the donation

Support for ACT SAIKYO

J Trust has been a sponsor of the non-profit organization ACT SAIKYO since June 2012. ACT SAIKYO holds regular badminton lessons to promote sports and to foster such recreation as a community activity, under the banner of “Leading the way in promoting active engagement with local communities”.
Team members from ACT SAIKYO