Engaging with local communities


The J Trust Group contributes to regional vitalization and to the development of children and teens through cultural exchanges with local communities and support for sports.

Deepening relationships with the region through Japanese culture (Indonesia)

BJI has supported the “ENNICHISAI Festival”, held in Jakarta, as the main sponsor for three years in a row. “ENNICHISAI” is a festival of Japanese “food” and “culture” ran by Japanese and Indonesian volunteers, where many item and food booths are on display. At the festival, which was held from June 30th to July 1st, 2018 and attended by roughly 300,000 people, events such as a mikoshi parade and a taiko drum performance were held.


Support for ACT SAIKYO

J Trust has been supporting non-profit organization ACT SAIKYO as a sponsor since June 2012. The organization, which was named to signify "being active while being ahead of the times and valuing communication with the community”, periodically sponsors badminton classes as part of sports promotion and local activities.
Badminton players sponsored by ACT SAIKYO

Badminton players sponsored by ACT SAIKYO

Social contribution activities

At J Trust, we support the activities of non-profit organization “Japan Blind Marathon Association” (JBMA). JBMA takes part in activities aimed at achieving normalization and an inclusive society which arises from maintaining the health of those with vision impairments through sport activities as well as marathons in which they participate alongside non-handicapped people.
JBMA activities

JBMA activities