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Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

This section provides efforts on the J Trust Group's corporate governance and relevant matters.

Basic policy on corporate governance
Corporate Governance Declaration for active community involvement
Other matters relating to corporate governance
Development of internal control system, risk management system, etc.
Remuneration of executives etc.
Total amount of remuneration per classification of executives, total amount of remuneration by category, etc.
Basic Policy on Information Security
"Basic Policy on Information Security" has been established to prevent leakage of personal information.
Corporate Governance Report
Status of J Trust's corporate governance is provided (PDF format).
Corporate governance structure
Corporate governance structure and organizational chart
Status of internal audit and company audit
Status of the internal audit, the audit performed by the Audit & Supervisory Board and the accounting audit
Risk factors
Major factors that could significantly impact investors’ decision
Privacy Policy
J Trust regards protection of personal information as the most important obligation.
Social Media Policy
The Policy stipulates effective use of social media aiming at sound development of J Trust.
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