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Corporate Information

Corporate Identity

Taking the opportunity of corporate name change dated July 1, 2009, J Trust's corporate brand logo and mark have been redesigned with an aim to further promote our corporate brand.

Brand Logo

Brand Logo

This brand logo represents our belief that "Credibility" and "Reliability" are indispensable for receiving support from customers and stakeholders.
Our goal is becoming Japan's leading company with credibility and reliability, as embossed on corporate brand in a simple form - "J T R U S T."


This logo represents "J Trust which was reborn in the midst of turbulent times, yet is powerfully moving forward."
Raging waves that stand for turbulence, and strength to survive through such hardships are represented in the sphere. Sphere is round with no ends, allowing for justice, comfort, and flexibility. Therefore, innovation and independence are also represented in this logo.

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